Duncan PollardA hundred years ago Pildacre Hill played an important role in the history of Ossett a town in West Yorkshire in the North of England. A source of water was found that kept the town alive, but in turn resulted in miners losing their jobs. The history of Pildacre Hill is about sustainability, resilience, resource constraints and livelihoods.

I’m Duncan Pollard. I grew up on Pildacre Hill. It’s where I learned to ski during the long snowy winter of 1978/79. The view from the top of the hill, across the heavy woollen mill district to the faraway Pennines, provided a big distraction as I did my school homework and is still etched in my memory.

It is these themes that this blog will cover: hills and mountains, and the various forms of enjoying them from hiking to skiing; sustainability, covering nature, livelihoods and society; some insights and observations from books and articles recently read; and no doubt some other stuff as well. It will mix content that is both personal and professional – after all there is no such thing as work-life balance. It’s all one interrelated whole. Welcome to Pildacre Hill.


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