Skiing Throughout the Year: March

30th March.

I definitely left it a bit late this month – almost failing in the supposed easy part of the year. A combination of work trips and poor weather early in the month (I am a fair weather skier) led to this last gasp effort – but what a day.

Daughter number one decided to come with me. It took some persuasion to get her to consider Flaine (rather than Les Contamines which is her favourite), but it was a great decision. Clear blue sky, slopes to ourselves, and excellent snow on the northish facing slopes. The view from the top onto Mont Blanc is absolutely spectacular.

Daughter decided that we had to ski every run from top to bottom without stopping – this was exhilerating – we did it at fast speed with her usually in front. It could only go on so long though and after lunch we ended up skiing at a more normal pace and taking rests – the legs were burning by mid afternoon.

Lunch was a great affair. I wish I could remember the restaurant (am writing this in July…). Anyway its the restaurant that has the aerial shot of it on the website. A band with double bass, guitar, drums and various percussion played french rock music as we ate rather a nice meal. No wonder the skiing was more sedate thereafter.

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